We appeal your value by doing the following:

  • Filing timely property tax protests.  Our automated process of tracking and filing property tax protests ensures that your property will be timely protested.
  • Conducting on-site visual property and market area inspections.  The first-hand knowledge of specific issues associated with your property and its surrounding market area guides our team through the rest of the analysis process and allows us to offer personal testimony on your behalf.
  • Performing thorough, customized analysis of each property.  Your tax manager performs a comprehensive analysis and carefully selects the most effective combination of the four main valuation approaches (Market, Cost, Income and Equity).  Comparing and contrasting your individual property’s performance (or potential performance) to industry standards and current market trends allows us to ensure that you are always being taxed at the fair market value of your property.
  • Negotiating informally and formally with Appraisal Districts.  Utilizing finely-tuned negotiation skills and business relationships established over many years of proven honesty and trustworthiness, we negotiate your property’s taxable value directly with a representative of the appraisal district.  Our familiarity with the protest process enables us to be effective when presenting our case analysis to the local Appraisal Review Board.
  • Pursuing litigation or arbitration as needed.  Our team works steadfastly to ensure that your taxable value is fair and equitable.  From time to time, that may mean pursuing this avenue for property tax relief.
  • Surpassing client expectations with exceptional results.